A Basic Guide to Hand Pipes

You can smoke tobacco and other plant products in many ways. One of the commonly used methods is the use of a cigar pipe, hand pipe, or smoking pipe. Many people who smoke tobacco have these hand pipes to use as their smoking devices. Hand pipes are made of different materials. The most commonly used materials in creating hand pipes are wood and glass. If you look at these pipes, you will notice that they come with a thin stem as well as a small bowl. The small bowl is the part that is used to combust tobacco and other plant products. At the end of the thin stem or shank is what you call the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where smoke is drawn from the mouth of the smoker. Go to the link to learn more about handpipe options. 

When it comes to the small chamber of the pipe, a variety of materials are used. Some of the most common materials include clay, meerschaum, corncob, and briar. Olivewood, cherrywood, mesquite, maple, and oak are other materials that are used for this part. For the bowl, the use of a dense-grained wood material is most common.

Vulcanite, Bakelite, Lucite, and soft plastic are the commonly used materials for both mouthpieces and shanks of hand pipes. The use of reeds, hollowed out pieces of wood, and bamboo is also very common. In the present market, any mouthpiece or shank made of amber in the hand pipe is often the most expensive. These hand pipes are often considered some of the most luxurious items out there.

A hand pipe made of briar is one of the best hand pipes that you can invest in. A briar hand pipe is one of the favorites among both new and experienced smokers. They come in machine-made or handmade variants. There are many reasons as to why briar is an ideal material when it comes to hand pipes. For instance, these hand pipes are naturally resistant to fire. They are well equipped in absorbing moisture too. The longer your tobacco or plant product will last using this material too.

Another kind of smoking device that is popular but expensive is the calabash hand pipe. From the shape that you get from this smoking device, you can truly level up your smoking game. But then, if you want to reduce your expenses in buying this type of hand pipe, you may get one that uses wood than calabash gourd. The functionality and shape still remain anyway. Most of the time, these hand pipes come with an air chamber just beneath the bowl. If you plan to mellow, cool, or dry the smoke, you can take advantage of this part of your hand pipe. Check this link for more hand pipe options. 

Truly, using hand pipes creates a whole new smoking experience for you in terms of luxury and elegance. As long as you make the right selection, for sure you have a durable and long-term hand pipe with you. Learn more about hand pipes here: https://youtu.be/GKYoXJzguoE

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